Blaser bolt action rifle R8


  • Blaser precision trigger
    Excellent "crisp" characteristics.
  • Forged barrel & chamber
    Perfectly concentric.
  • Optimum barrel bedding
    Large-scale barrel bedding exclusively in the receiver.
  • Blaser saddle mount
    Mount is positioned directly above the chamber. The barrel floats freely. The point of impact remains constant.
  • Blaser radial locking system
    Extremely strong and concentric. The locking system locks directly in the barrel without rotary motion.
  • Perfect stock design
    Relaxed positioning of the hand. Steep pistol grip with distinct palm swell and optimal cast. Straight comb.

Hit the Mark.
Precision lies in the interaction of many details. Know them all!


  • In-line repeating
    Lightning-fast succession of shots. Relaxed posture.
  • "Blind" magazine exchange
    Within a split second, the magazine buttons can be operated. By spring force, the magazine is released straight into the shooter's hand. The loaded magazine can be inserted "blindly".
  • Double loading option
    Even loading from the top of the magazine is possible.
  • iC - one move, two functions
    Cocking the R8 automatically activates the illuminated dot (in combination with a ZEISS iC rifle scope).

All Set.
It is one thing to shoot in rapid succession. To be successful at it takes more than skill.


  • Manual cocking system
    An uncocked firing pin spring is the best safety system, the rifle is only cocked the very moment before shooting. By pressing down on the cocking lever, the firing pin spring on the R8 is uncocked again.
  • Protection against misuse
    If the magazine is taken out, the rifle cannot be cocked.
  • Automatic decocking
    Removing the magazine unit automatically uncocks the rifle, when the receiver is closed.
  • No unintentional bolt opening
    If the R8 is decocked with a locked bolt, the bolt handle is blocked. By slightly pushing the cocking lever forward while simulatenously pulling back on the bolt handle, the bolt opens safely; this slight movement does not cock the rifle.

Be Smart.
Even if it never happens, you have to be prepared. Make safety a priority. it's in your hands.


  • Perfect balance
    The well-balanced weight distribution allows for fast handling and quick target acquisition.
  • Easy take-down
    The R8 is stripped down and reassembled in a matter of seconds without the slightest change in the point of impact.
  • Safe transport
    Well-protected and discreet. Passers-by will hardly notice that the compact case is in fact a rifle case.
  • Short cut
    The unique design of the magazine above the trigger allows the overall length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt action rifle.

In short.
Sometimes less is more.
Less rifle length gives you more freedom of movement. 


  • Easy to take down and clean
    The R8 is stripped down and reassembled within a few seconds. Snow, dirt, leaves or needles are easily removed.
  • Locked magazine
    The R8 magazine is only released when simultaneously pressing both release buttons. Unintentional drop out of the magazine is virtually impossible. In addition, both release buttons can be locked by a lever inside the magazine.
  • Excellent protection
    All metal parts of the R8 are either made of rustproof material or protected against corrosion with a specific finish. Barrel inside and chamber are polished and need conventional care. The closed construction of the R8 receiver prevents foreign object damage. When the magazine is stored outside the rifle, a protective cover will keep the dirt out.
  • Desmodromic trigger mechanism
    One hundred percent reliability – even when iced or heavily soiled. The trigger system of the R8 is force-controlled. Cycling the receiver automatically resets the trigger.

Easy Care.
In rough conditions a foreign object could cause a rifle to malfunction. But that's no reason for the hunt to be over.


  • Around the world with one rifle
    Thanks to exchangeable barrels, the R8 is the ideal companion on all continents no matter what kind of game you hunt. Trusted operation,  familiar balance and stock are valuable factors for hunting success.
  • Changing stocks when needed
    The precious wooden stock can be preserved by simply replacing it with the R8 Professional synthetic stock.
  • Changing rifle scopes easily
    Each rifle scope and illuminated dot sight that is zeroed to the barrel can be interchanged.
  • Open sights
    Quickest target acquisition when shooting over short distances thanks to the white contrast line in the sights and the white front sight. The open sights are completely made of steel and thus durable.

One for All.
Today you hunt in your home territory. Tomorrow you are on another continent. When it comes to your rifle, it is best to trust what you know.

Bernhard Knöbel, Blaser CEO

R8 Baronesse
"One of our greatest passions is to merge technical perfection with classical elegance. My R8 Baronesse with its short, fluted Semi Weight barrel, offers the best of both worlds."