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K95 Attaché

Side plates K95 Attaché

Receiver K95 Attaché left and right: wooden side plates
K95 Attaché
  • wooden side plates, Holzklasse 7

Caliber overview single shot rifles, combination guns and shotguns

  • Please find here a pdf overview of all calibers, barrel diameters, barrel lengths and profiles:
    Show/download pdf-file

K95 trigger gold-colored

K95 trigger gold-colored
  • abrasion-proof anodizing gives the trigger its golden color

K95 tilting block gold-colored

K95 tilting block gold-colored
  • gold-colored titanium nitrided

K95 barrel contour octagonal

K95 barrel contour octagonal
  • barrel contour octagonal

Rubber recoil pad

Rubber recoil pad
  • attenuates the recoil
  • the rifle can be put down on the ground noiselessly and without danger of sliding away

K95 forearm tip black

K95 forearm tip ebony
  • ebony forearm tip

Wood grade 7

Wood grade 7, example 1
Example 1
Wood grade 7, example 2
Example 2
Wood grade 7, example 3
Example 3

K95 Attaché rifle case

Blaser ABS rifle case type A
  • Blaser ABS rifle case type A

Neopren Rifle Sling

Neopren Rifle Sling

With wide, soft shoulder pad for utmost carrying comfort. Slipresistant, elastic and adjustable in length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle cartridges. Detachable sling swivels with quick-release fastener.

Also available as tracking version.

Optional Upgrades


K95 trigger black

K95 trigger black
  • trigger black


Higher wood grades

Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 9
Example grade 9
Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 10
Example grade 10
Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 11
Example grade 11

There are eleven quality grades of noble root wood to select your stock from.

Super Finish

  • available from wood grade 8


Blaser Kickstop
  • for rifles and combination guns
  • The stainless steel cylinder, filled with tungsten beads, is inserted into the stock and reduces recoil by about 20%.
  • stock weight is increased
  • improves the balance with heavy guns

Gunstock Cartridge Carrier

Gunstock Cartridge Carrier
Gunstock Cartridge Carrier
  • Four cartridges, snugly stowed so they won’t rattle, enhance the functionality of the gunstock.
  • Simple, understated engravings
  • Fully engraved arabesques, old German leaf and oak leaf
  • Animal portraits, initials and other engravings are possible
  • Not available with integrated Kickstop



Pistol grip caps

Pistol Grip Caps
Pistol grip caps

On request we engrave a silver pistol grip cap with:

  • your initials elegantly framed by English arabesques or leaves
  • animal portraits
  • individual creations

Scope Mounts

Saddle mount ZEISS rail

Sattelmontage Zeiss
  • for ZEISS ZM and VM rifle scopes with patented inner rail

Saddle mount Swarovski rail

Sattelmontage Schmidt&Bender
  • for Swarovski rifle scopes with patented Swarovski inner rail

Saddle mount Schmidt&Bender rail

Sattelmontage Schmidt&Bender
  • for Schmidt&Bender rifle scopes with patented Schmidt & Bender inner rail

Saddle mount Prisma

Sattelmontage Prisma
  • for rifle scopes with prism rail on the central tube

Saddle mount with mounting rings

  • ring diameters 25.4mm (1"), 30 mm or 34 mm

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