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K95 Luxus

Ornamentation motifs K95 Luxus

K95 Luxus left and right: thistle leaves
Thistle leaves
K95 Luxus left and right: fine English arabesques
Fine English arabesques
K95 Luxus left: roe deer
Roe deer
K95 Luxus right: chamois
K95 Luxus left: red deer
Red deer
K95 Luxus right: roe deer
Roe deer
K95 Luxus left: wild boar
Wild boars

Caliber overview single shot rifles, combination guns and shotguns

  • Please find here a pdf overview of all calibers, barrel diameters, barrel lengths and profiles:
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K95 trigger black

K95 trigger black
  • trigger black

K95 barrel contour round

K95 barrel contour round
  • barrel contour Standard, round

Wood grade 4

Wood grade 4, example 1
Example 1
Wood grade 4, example 2
Example 2
Wood grade 4, example 3
Example 3

Optional Upgrades


K95 trigger gold-colored

K95 trigger gold-colored
  • abrasion-proof anodizing gives the trigger its golden color

K95 tilting block gold-colored

K95 tilting block gold-colored
  • gold-colored titanium nitrided

Barrel and Open Sights

Mag-na-port muzzle brake

  • recoil reduction by approx. 20 %

Dual-Brake muzzle brake

  • threaded muzzle brake considerably reduces recoil and muzzle flip
  • recoil reduction by approx. 35 to 50 %
  • retrofitting of the muzzle thread for Dual-Brake is possible
  • for fluted barrels available only without open sights

Caution: Muzzle brakes increase the blast considerably. Wearing ear protection and protective glasses is absolutely neccessary!


K95 forearm tip black

K95 black forearm tip
  • black forearm tip

Higher wood grades

Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 9
Example grade 9
Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 10
Example grade 10
Beispiel Schaftholzklasse 11
Example grade 11

There are eleven quality grades of noble root wood to select your stock from.

Super Finish

  • available from wood grade 8


Blaser Kickstop
  • for rifles and combination guns
  • The stainless steel cylinder, filled with tungsten beads, is inserted into the stock and reduces recoil by about 20%.
  • stock weight is increased
  • improves the balance with heavy guns

Rubber recoil pad 2.5 or 3.0 cm

Gummischaftkappe 2,5 cm
  • rubber recoil pad 2.5 or 3.0 cm
  • reduces recoil considerably

Gunstock Cartridge Carrier

Gunstock Cartridge Carrier
Gunstock Cartridge Carrier
  • Four cartridges, snugly stowed so they won’t rattle, enhance the functionality of the gunstock.
  • Simple, understated engravings
  • Fully engraved arabesques, old German leaf and oak leaf
  • Animal portraits, initials and other engravings are possible
  • Not available with integrated Kickstop



Pistol grip caps

Pistol Grip Caps
Pistol grip caps

On request we engrave a silver pistol grip cap with:

  • your initials elegantly framed by English arabesques or leaves
  • animal portraits
  • individual creations

Scope Mounts

Saddle mount ZEISS rail

Sattelmontage Zeiss
  • for ZEISS ZM and VM rifle scopes with patented inner rail

Saddle mount Swarovski rail

Sattelmontage Schmidt&Bender
  • for Swarovski rifle scopes with patented Swarovski inner rail

Saddle mount Schmidt&Bender rail

Sattelmontage Schmidt&Bender
  • for Schmidt&Bender rifle scopes with patented Schmidt & Bender inner rail

Saddle mount Prisma

Sattelmontage Prisma
  • for rifle scopes with prism rail on the central tube

Saddle mount with mounting rings

  • ring diameters 25.4mm (1"), 30 mm or 34 mm

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