Milled from a solid piece

Manufacturing rifle parts from a whole solid piece guarantees quality, reliability and durability. Intricate production processes on high-end CNC machines ensure minimal tolreances and consistent shooting precision.

Quality components

Whether it is high-grade steel, light metal alloy or precious walnut, in the hands of a Blaser gunsmith they turn into a piece of beauty and lasting value. This commitment to excellence makes every Blaser firearm a legacy for generations to come.

Sense of tradition

With a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, we shape today's hunting culture. Highly qualified gunsmiths, gun stockers and engravers turn every firearm into a masterpiece that expresses the personality and passion of the hunter who owns it.

For the love of detail

At every step of design and manufacturing, we strive for excellence. However, it is by adding character to our hunting rifles that we achieve true perfection.