Slim & Smart

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slim & Smart

Our passion to refine hunting equipment and to pioneer new technologies leads to state-of-the-art gear for the hunter. The latest innovation is the Blaser Moderator – developed and manufactured exclusively by Blaser!

The Blaser Moderator was developed for hunters and their specific requirements. With the low profile design of the on-barrel moderator, use of the open sights is no issue. In combination with reduced muzzle blast and less felt recoil the prerequisites for better shooting are vastly improved by the Blaser Moderator. Together with the compact engineering of the Blaser rifles, the hunter can experience

the advantages of a rifle with a moderator without missing out on the familiar pointability found in a Blaser. Accuracy is final!

Every R8, R93, K95 (except for Stutzen and octagonal barrels) can be ordered fitted with the required muzzle thread for a Blaser Moderator. It is also possible to retrofit the R8, R93 or K95. In each case the open sight will be moved slightly back or removed completely, depending on preference.

With its weight of only 325 g (0.72 lb) the Blaser Moderator is one of the lightest moderators on the market. A special aluminum alloy in combination with titanium, guarantees high durability. Available at your authorized Blaser dealer by end of November 2016.

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