R8 Professional Success – Left-Handed Version available now

Friday, February 1, 2013

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The waiting comes to an end: The perfectly designed thumb-hole stock of the R8 Professional Success is finally available in a left-handed version, too.

This version for the left-handed hunter will be presented for the first time live at the “Jagd & Hund“ in Dortmund. 

A relaxed shooting hand and arm as well as a firm grip – from now on, all left-handed hunters will benefit from the unrivaled advantages of the R8 Professional Success leading to a higher accuracy in every aiming 

 “The perfection of the R8 Professional Success is the result of a number of technical enhancements which make all of the R8 models so unique“, says Blaser CEO Bernhard Knöbel. Due to the excellent ergonomics the shooting hand is perfect positioned to the rifle. However, the unmatched huntability has another important reason: By putting the exchangeable magazine above the trigger, the R8 Professional Success is, as well as all other R8 models, considerably shorter than a conventional bolt action rifle - at any given barrel length. “The center of gravity is located right between the hands - where it has to be - and weight is perfectly distributed towards muzzle and recoil-pad. Put simply: “Intuitive pointing and unmatched huntability!”, says Blaser CEO Bernhard Knöbel. 

Moreover, the exchangeable magazine allows reloading at lightning speed   while at the same time providing for the highest possible safety level. 
Another advantage: When the magazine unit is released the rifle is 
automatically decocked.

The left-handed version of the R8 Professional Success is available with the synthetic stock in dark green and dark brown or as the Professional Success Leather model with weather-proof leather grip inlays and a 
stainless steel brace in the buttstock.

Available in the US: mid-of-year.