Blaser Gun of the Month - June 2014

F3 Winged Majesty

Some engravers toil an entire lifetime to produce a single work of art to define their career. At the age of 29 Sebastian Leyh has created such a masterpiece.

Winged Majesty is the newest addition to the F3 Imperial line of premium shotguns. The design goal was to celebrate a few of the game birds of North America. Ducks, Pheasants and Bobwhite Quail were selected as the subjects.

Perfect in scale and depth every detail is visible to the naked eye. Never willing to settle, Sebastian chose elegant arabesque scroll as a border to define the images. Gold accents then were added to produce a stunning visual contrast. No surface has escaped the young master’s eye.

Like most works of art this Custom Imperial will surely increase in value. But not all art should not hang on a wall so grade 9 Turkish walnut was hand selected to allow this shotgun to fulfill your destiny of a perfect day in the field no matter the quarry.

(Photos by Sebastian Leyh)