Bernhard Knöbel, CEO

Our ideas for new rifle technology are not created on the drawing board; they are born while we are out hunting, facing the challenges that need to be solved. When we turn our ideas into innovative design, we are putting the potential for better hunting in your hands.

Photo above: The Blaser team of passionate hunters


Gunther Stoschek, Creative Director

R8 Success
"Sporting shooters have been using special rifle stocks for ages. They know that you shoot much more accurately with them! So why shouldn't hunters take the best stock possible, too? Considering we don't hit paper plates but strive to shoot real game expertly, it is even more important. Anyone who has tried the thumb-hole stock, know what I'm talking about."

Mathias Kneppler, Design Engineer

R8 Black Edition
"A stock made of high-quality walnut wood truly is beautiful! Paired with the velvet black receiver, the R8 Black Edition is my personal dream of a bolt action rifle. It embodies real, timeless elegance!"

Andreas Huber, responsible for test firing

R8 Attaché
"Hunting in the mountains, I prefer the light Attaché. Even when long distance stalking, it doesn't weigh too heavily on the shoulder and still feels incredibly versatile. I have never been envied so much for a rifle."

Bernhard Knöbel, Blaser CEO

R8 Baronesse
"One of our greatest passions is to merge technical perfection with classical elegance. My R8 Baronesse with its short, fluted Semi Weight barrel, offers the best of both worlds."

Hartmut Liedtke, Blaser Export

R8 Kilombero
"Back in my home country Namibia, I have spent most of my life hunting. Speaking from experience I would always choose a bigger caliber for Africa. And I am not only talking about buffalos and elephants. There is no harm done when you have some reserves for oryx and kudu, too. Plus: your rifle shoud be heavier – otherwise that vexatious flinching probably blows some of your chances."

John Wiedemann, Final Assembly

R8 Professional
"Many times I am out hunting in bad weather. At least I am pretty much on my own then. The synthetic stock is very forgiving and you don't have to rub it dry every time you come home from hunting. It also offers a real good grip – even when it's wet."

Marc Huber, responsible for test firing and final assembly

K95 Stutzen
"Since I had the chance to test the K95 Stutzen I dream to own it one day. Where else do you find this perfectly sleek shape combined with such legendary accuracy? It‘s great that my dream rifle is now available as Edition model. The good price makes it affordable also for younger hunters.”

Helmut M. Müller, Head of Assembly at Blaser

BBF95 und BBF97
"The double lock system of the model line 97 is a must for the over and under rifle and also perfectly suitable for the Bergstutzen, particularly when it comes to a quick succession of shots from both barrels. With the over and under shotgun rifle 95 I however prefer the single lock action. The firing pin spring is inevitably decocked again after each shot. Even in the excitement after the shot, you simply cannot forget to decock the rifle!"

Franz Zapf, Gunsmith, Customer Service

"Who hasn't already experienced such a situation: Late in the evening when the last daylight is fading roe deer or wild boar finally appear. The first piece ist shot and a second one remains for a second. Being able to remain in mounted position and thanks to the single trigger not having to switch to another trigger can considerably increase your chance of hitting a second piece!"