F3 Shotgun


  • Blaser F3 Trigger
    It breaks crisp as glass at 1,500 grams with an extremely short travel. You can achieve the ideal forward allowance without any delay. The barrel selector is located right in front of the trigger. The purely mechanical, selective single trigger function is independent from recoil. The trigger blade allows stepless adjustment in length.
  • Blaser IBS®: Anti-Double-System
    It reliably prevents fan firing and thus combines the highest possible safety with the best possible trigger characteristics. 
  • Linear Guidance of Firing Pin
    For the best possible use of the kinetic energy and lightning fast ignition. 

Get to the Point.
Mental fitness and physical control are the keys to good shotgun shooting. Plus: a shotgun that supports your intuition for success. 


  • Blaser Balancer
    It allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs as well as to your shooting style: Swing-Through, Pull-Away, Maintained-Lead or Move-Mount-Shoot. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer. The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or two weight cylinders. The barrel balancer allows you to increase the total weight up to 213 grams.
  • Triplex® Bore Design
    The extremely flat forcing cone of the F3 with an angle of 2,5 degrees, the "overbore" inner diameter of 18,65 mm (0,735") and the magnum and steel proofed caliber 12/76 (3") ensure the perfect combination of optimal muzzle velocity, homogenous shot pattern and moderate recoil.

Perfectly Balanced.
When you are swinging and the barrel points exactly where your eye focuses, you can be sure that the weight distribution of your shotgun is perfectly adjusted to your needs. 


  • EBS®: das innovative Auswerfer-System
    Conventional ejector systems cock the ejector springs when the gun is closed. The EBS system activates the ejectors when the shot is fired. The springs cock when the gun is opened, which keeps the resistance when closing the gun always at a minimum.
  • Smooth Hinge Operation
    The extremely soft closing of the gun enables you to focus your concentration on nothing else but the shot. 

The Calm Before the Shot.
If the shot has a chance to be successful or not is decided even before mounting. Smooth movements that are controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the winning formula. 


  • Premium Quality
    Innovative, computer-controlled heat treatment processes such as the nitrocarburisation of the F3 action lead to outstanding resistance characteristics. 
  • Solid Lock-Up
    It combines a generous locking area with a lock-plate in the bottom of the action.
  • Minimum Strain
    Optimized geometry of the deep positioned centre bores and the high positioned hinge pin. 
  • Magnum Proofing
    With additional steel proofing. 

Twice as Safe.
In the past decades Blaser has set new safety standards in hunting: Blaser safety systems think ahead and protect hunters and sportsmen as well as the people close to them in the best possible way.

Winner by Design

John Bidwell

Worldwide ambitious shooters experience an exceptional shotgun that seems to be programmed for success: the Blaser F3. It has been designed from scratch to meet the ergonomical and technical demands of intuitive aiming with pinpoint accuracy. 

Test the F3 and find out how you can improve your shooting results and fulfill your potential as a shooter.